One of Xero’s central features is the database of customers and suppliers called Contacts. Most, if not all, Xero transaction entries will include a Contact as part of the details in the entry.

Occasionally Xero will duplicate a Contact because there’s a slight variation in the name. For example, say you have an existing Contact for a company called AB Builders Ltd., but a manual entry or AutoEntry/Receipt Bank submission for AB Builders Limited is made in Xero and a new Contact is created for the same customer or supplier.

When this happens it does need sorting out because, for example, you’ll get two listings for each duplicated customer/supplier in the unpaid invoices/bills reports.

Like most things in Xero, it’s easily corrected by merging all information in the extra Contact with the correct one.

Step 1 – finding Contacts – use the Search box to find the Contacts you’re looking for

Step 2 – example of two entries for one Contact – tick the entry you want to remove

Step 3. Options > Merge

Step 4. Merge the Contacts – select which Contact you want to merge with