Use Xero’s ‘create bill from email’ feature to send supplier invoices directly to your Xero file cutting out manual entry or needing to use data extraction software like ReceiptBank or AutoEntry.

Find it in: blue stripe > Business > Bills

Copy a unique email address from the Bills module of Xero and use it to send supplier invoices directly to Xero as Draft Bills.

Pros and cons

✅ Email more than one invoice at a time

✅ Free

✅ No time lag between emailing and it appearing in Xero

❌ Only sends to ‘Draft’ – other data capture platforms like ReceiptBank etc., can send to Awaiting Approval or Awaiting Payment

❌ No machine learning – other platforms ‘learn’ the account coding, VAT rate etc., to use from previous submissions for the same supplier

❌ When they’re in Xero, entries need to be edited to include the correct coding