One of those there to help features in Xero is ‘Suggest previous entries’ in the bank reconciliation window. Xero guesses how a new payment (or banking) should be allocated based on previous entries with a similar amount or details and then auto-fills the entry ready to be OK’d by the user. Note that it’s not the same as a Bank Rule which is something set up by a user rather than an auto-fill.

Suggestions can be helpful particularly if there’s only one user working on the bank reconciliation entries. However, it can cause problems when you have more than one user: either people within the company, or the company and an external adviser for example. In those circumstances, what’s not clear is whether the text was from a suggestion, and may not be correct, or whether it’s any entry by another user and can be recorded. 

Given the risk of an error, you may want to turn-off suggestions by unticking the box at the bottom of the bank window – makes things a lot clearer!